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Wardson Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong at 1992. The company was started up as a distributor of electronic test & measurement equipment in Hong Kong, China and other South East Asia countries. Over the past 15 years, we have gained continuous success in satisfying the needs of power utilities customers in areas of assets monitoring and testing. Our experienced and well qualified sales and service staff have given the best advice and support to our valuable clients. Wardson Limited is actively involved in bid participation, giving project proposal as well as contributing new ideas to power utilities clients for operation improvement and assets utilisation optimization.

China Office

In 2002, a local Chinese company (incorporated under the law of the Mainland China) named Wardson Technologies & Equipment China Limited was formed at the city of GaungZhou which is located in Southern China. This local Chinese company has taken the vast opportunities in serving the needs of the customers in the Mainland China.


The management of Wardson Limited have more than 15 years in sales and project management experiences. Our job references are related to the testing & monitoring of power utilities asset like MV, HV cables, transformers, switchgear, overhead line insulator and substation surge arrestors etc.


Our objectives are to be a trusted and preferred supplier of equipment, services and technologies to the power utilities market, and to maintain continuous growth with profit.


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